Hybrid Stepper Motor

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Product Overview:


Stepper motor is an actuator that converts electric pulse into angular displacement, and controls angulardisplace ment by controlling the number of pulses, so as to achieve accurate positioning. Under various control signals such as digital and analog communication, stepper motor is widely used in various positionand speed control applications .


Basic Classification:


There are various types of stepper motors, including

*Basic type: mechanical and performance parameters comparison standard,easy to use, meet mostoperational requirements

*IP65 type:specially designed for dustproof and waterproof,which can meet the requirement of IP65 protection grade
*Brake type,Equipped with disenergized effective electromagnetic brake,Meet the vertical axis application

*HYBRID LINEAR ACTUATORS,Equipped with screw,it converts the rotary motion of the motor into linear
 motion for a screw

*Encoder type:equipped with encoder,encoder feedback signal,can achieve closed-loop control function

*Reducer: it is equipped with high precision planetary reducer to meet the requirement of high torque

*Integrated driver type,assemble Integrated driver,Compact space requirements,simple system wiring application

*Closed loop servo control,assemble encoder, Integrated driver and controller, It meets the requirementsof intelligent control, efficient operation, compact structure, accurate positioning and rapid response

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