September 3, 2021

Latest company news about JSS TEAM OUTDOOR DEVELOPMENT

This summer, Changzhou Jinsanshi Mechatronics Co., Ltd. held an outdoor development activity in Suzhou Qionglong Mountain Scenic Area.
All employees help each other and work together to complete a series of games.
A good team must have a common goal. You must trust all members of the team and be open and honest with each other.

1. Make the entire team work like a machine in an orderly and harmonious manner. Be strict with yourself, lead by example to improve work efficiency and work passion. An excellent professional must have a state of excitement and passion. Passion is contagious. An excellent one Teams should be as vigorous and effective as a burning flame. Any outstanding work is inseparable from its working status.

2. Communication is the soul of organization management. Without communication, there will be no communication between people, and the internal information of the organization will not be able to circulate, let alone improve work performance and achieve management goals, adopt the best communication methods and channels, and strive to achieve Communicate effectively, achieve management goals, and improve management performance.

3. Cohesion and sense of responsibility are united to advance together, and every member of the organization must feel strongly that they are a brick in the majestic city wall and an indispensable part. The close integration between bricks and bricks is to establish The foundation of the city wall, this close integration is cohesion, which can improve employee job satisfaction, promote effective decision-making, and improve organizational performance.




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