Step servo motor & driver


JSS-MOTOR step motor servo motor and drive, we also call it closed loop stepper motor and closed loop stepper driver.The motor is with an encoder. It use a new generation of 32-bit DSP control technology and vector control technology, it can prevent losing step and ensure the accuracy, high-speed torque attenuation is much lower than that of ordinary open- loop drivers, which can greatly improve the high-speed performance and torque of stepper motors; The current control technology effectively reduces the temperature rise of the motor and prolongs the service life of the motor; the position error alarm function ensures the safe operation of the processing equipment. Step servo driver support single and double pulse input, pulse response frequency up to 200KHZ, and support software to set any subdivision, The motor position and speed control controlled by communication.  

It is an ideal upgrade for traditional open-loop stepper drives and can replace some traditional AC servo systems at a price of only 50% of the AC servo system.

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