Hybrid stepper motor


The hybrid stepper motor can be divided into 2-phase stepper motor and 3-phase stepper motor according to the number of phases. The step angle of the 2-phase stepper motor is 1.8 degree and 0.9 degree, and the stepper angle of the 3-phase stepper motor is 1.2 degree.

One of the main parameters of stepper motor selection is holding torque, which is also the main performance index of stepper motor. When the load is large, a large torque motor is required. When the torque is large, the shape of the motor is also large. Current is also an important factor in model selection. When the speed requirement is high, a motor with larger phase current and smaller inductance should be selected to increase power input. And use a higher supply voltage when selecting the driver.

JSS-MOTOR step motor uses high-quality raw materials. The motor has the characteristics of stable operation, large torque, low temperature rise, low vibration, low noise, and smooth start. Stepping motors are widely used and can be used in various fields such as medical instruments and equipment, textile industry, drone industry, monitoring industry, precision instruments, industrial control systems, office automation, robots, etc.

JSS-MOTOR can also customize motors for customers, with a professional design and R&D team.

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