Brushless dc motor


Brushless DC motors are characterized by low interference. The brushless motor removes the brush, and the most direct change is that there is no electric spark generated when the brushed motor is running, which greatly reduces the interference of the electric spark to the remote control radio equipment.

Low noise, smooth operation, greatly reduced friction during operation, smooth operation, and much lower noise. These advantages are huge support for the stability of the model.

Long service life and low maintenance cost. The wear of brushless motor is mainly on the bearing. From a mechanical point of view, brushless motor is almost a maintenance-free motor. When necessary, only need to do some dust removal maintenance. As far as the convenience of brushless motors is concerned, with the trend of cost reduction of brushless controllers and the development and market competition of brushless technology at home and abroad, brushless power systems are in the stage of rapid development and popularization.

Brushless DC motors are usually used in equipment with relatively high control requirements and high rotational speed, such as aircraft models, precision instruments, etc., where the rotational speed of the motor is strictly controlled and the rotational speed reaches a high level.

Brushless DC motors have a long service life, usually around tens of thousands of hours.

In addition to the dimensions, weight, voltage range, no-load current, maximum current and other parameters of the brushless DC motor, there is also an important index KV value. This value is a unique performance parameter of the brushless motor and is used to judge the performance of the brushless motor. characteristic of an important data.

Since customers have different requirements for the use of brushless DC motors, brushless motors are mainly customized.

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