Stepper Motor Driver


The operation of the stepper motor needs to be driven by an electronic device. This device is the stepper motor driver. It converts the pulse signal sent by the control system into the angular displacement of the stepper motor. In other words, every time the control system sends a pulse signal, The stepper motor is rotated by a step angle through the driver.
The digital stepping driver independently developed and produced by JSS-MOTOR adopts a new original imported mainchip. It applies DSP and PID control algorithm with microstep control technology. It has the characteristics of low noise, low vibration, low temperature rise, etc. It has multi-level subdivision adjustment and current adjustment to ensure the precision of motor operation with different parameters. Internal optocoupler isolation of stepper driver, the highest response frequency is up to 200KHZ. JSS-MOTOR stepper driver also has automatic semi-flow, over-voltage, under voltage and over-current protection function.
Currently our drives are sold all over the world and have received positive feedback from customers. We also provide OEM and ODM services, and can customize products according to customer requirements to meet the needs of different customers.

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